If I need to do that manually, is it safe to just add new ids or will the We indeed don’t propose to import mailings from jNews/acajoom but you. This tutorial will show step by step guide on how to Upgrade you Acajoom to jNews. Documentation: Support. acajoom. (1 viewing) (1) Guest. Support forum for users using free JoomSEF Otherwise you’ll probably need to fix it manually using phpMyAdmin or similar.

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I do not blame Acajoom for the failure ‘could not instantiate mail function’ but there is no system there to pick up the failed attempts and resend it in Acajoom. You can create new ids directly in the database, that will do the job. So far it looks promising.

The first thing you need to do is to contact our support to obtain the latest version of jNews. Never got to work. Will send out a E-mail batch next Friday and will let you know how it worked. General Talk about AcyMailing. That way, you won’t lose any message and will be able automatically or not depending on your version to safely resume the send process.

All your e-mails are added to a queue so if one of your messages can not acajooj delivered, AcyMailing will keep it in the queue acakoom will try to send it later.

Pour toutes vos demandes merci de vous rendre sur cette page. For paid version usersplease use the ticket system to request for the latest version. Could some of my problems be resolved by using Acymailing especially CRON job and handling of e-mails that cannot be instantiated? You can keep on reading it but it’s not possible to create new subjects anymore.


Problems with Acajoom 8 years 11 months ago I’m also getting positive feedback from users who were unhappy about the text versions created by jNews. Step—3 After the installation, you will see at the top right a floating message box which advises you to import your Acajoom data to the newly installed jNews component.

Keyword Search by Keyword: Are you planning to implement an import function or do I need to manually append those acajooj to the database.

So I had to build 3 Newsletter Lists each with subscriberssend one, wait one hour etc. SMTP is a bit slower but may reduce your spam score so these two methods are very good for AcyMailing. You can send your request on this page.

Hello, You will be under the same server restrictions using AcyMailing so the “could not instantiate mail function” will come up too. We use a cron too to handle the automatic process but our users don’t complain about it, it does its job properly and it’s easy to set up via our interface if you can not have your own one on your server.

Before updating your site to Joomla 2. I read many pages of Acymailing and installed the Starter version. Please click this article for the step-by-step jNews Installation guide. So no extra hassle. We send out a Newsletter every week to about e-mail addresses. You can easily copy your existing newsletters that was imported from Acajoom.

From about November on we got problems since Siteground seemed to limit e-mail outflow to per hour. You may directly want to configure AcyMailing to use the automatic only process: Why my imported Acajoom lists and newsletters are not showing in the frontend?


Thank you so much for your help.

If I need to do that manually, is it safe to just add new ids or will the component try to continue after the last mailing it created itself? Step—4 Just click the Import Acajoom Data button to trigger the import.

Keyword Search by Keyword: I installed Acymailing a week ago, I’m amazed by its functionality and easy acajiom use. Remember me Forgot your password?

acajoom – ARTIO

See details in this post. Especially for new subscribers some of that old information is still interesting. Then in June I changed to Joomla 1. AcyMailing Enterprise is paid, delivered and installed. Dear guests, as of now, our forum is inactive.

The only thing you can do is to re-send the whole mwnual and still miss some subscribers or upset some because accajoom will receive the newsletter twice. This is because the access level is different from Joomla 1. All lists from ACAjoom could easily be imported.

Importing Acajoom Data to jNews

Now, I would like to transfer my mailings archive to Acymailing. It got worse every week.

You need to provide any of the following information so we can trace; 1.